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ProvoiceWorks audio production

Terrestrial, Internet, Satellite, Podcast...regardless of the broadcast medium we can get your station or specialty show sounding just like the big boys in the industry!

Our roots lay deep in the realm of imaging and it's where we truly shine...beside DJ Drops! Our libraries are FULL of elements that suit almost every format of radio or genre of music. Combine them with our experience and ability and the result is professionally produced imaging that captures the true essence and style of your station or show and at the same time creating a memorable and lasting impression on your audience. We can deliver totally raw voice work by single lines or by the sheet, or we can delivery the fully produced and ready to air Sweeper, ID, Promo, or Rejoiner tailored specifically to your format.

Imaging package pricing varies but like the rest of our services is absolutely affordable and we can work with any budget! Use the Inquiry form below to get a quote or more information.

Radio & Artist Imaging

The right voice is key in any project regardless of content!

Having a "good voice" is only part of producing an effective and professional voice over for any given project. Years of experience in the industry of radio and commercial production and promotional production has given us the wonderful ability to take on a mixed range of projects with appropriate tones and inflections. Commercials for small and large businesses and corporations, business proposals or presentations, narrations, concert promotions, event promotion & introductions, infomercials, public service announcements, automated phone messaging systems, character parts, and internet and digital media audio content.

Voice Overs for any project are available in both American Male and Female voice as well as UK Female Voice. Voice Over rates vary but are guaranteed to be more affordable than most!

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Voice Overs

Whether you're fresh on the scene or a master of the 1's and 2's nothing helps your audience remember you better or gives your mix that extra bit of flavor than an AWESOME DJ Drop!

ProVoiceWorks DJ Drops are guaranteed to make your mix more memorable and provide that extra IMPACT that will set your mix apart from the rest! Hip Hop, R&B, House, EDM, Dubstep, Rock, Pop...WHATEVER you spin!...we cater to practically every genre of music! We have a number of DJ Drop packages available and are always willing to build custom packages as well. Best of all our DJ Drops are AFFORDABLE!

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DJ Drops

What we do...

We provide a number of services but feel free to inquire about services not listed below